Notocon 2007Notocon 2007

Beauty and Strength 

II:20 – Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us.

Manifesting Thelema through Fraternity

One of the fundamental advantages of a fraternal organization over independent work is our ability to come together in common purpose and share our insights with each other. When we asked ourselves what theme to rally NOTOCON VI around, we found ourselves with a unique opportunity to grow as individuals, and as a community, by re-affirming our commitments to each other. In expressing our individual beauty and strength, and challenging our speakers to breathe life into this theme, we envision a series of lectures that tap the excellent amongst us to share their vision of what Thelema means here, and now! We feel NOTOCON affords a unique platform to celebrate our accomplishments, to inspire our future endeavors, and to be educated by the best and brightest of our brethren. It is our hope that the attendees will come away from NOTOCON VI with inspiration to make real change in their lives and with the tools to do it. Furthermore, this theme addresses the needs of the Order by making the value of our fraternity apparent to all its members. History is important; however one must not neglect the present and the future. With that in mind we would challenge our best and brightest brethren to come forward and discuss their vision of Thelema and manifesting Thelema through fraternity in this modern world. We feel that beauty and strength are the qualities we as Thelemites can proudly speak to. NOTOCON is a time to for us to come together and declare proudly who we are, and where we are going. We envision NOTOCON VI as a sacred gathering wherein our fraternal bonds are strengthened by the beauty of our individual efforts. A gathering is a unique opportunity to learn from our brightest and to be inspired, and it is a chance to experience the excitement of what we are trying to accomplish. To that end we ask of our brethren to submit proposals that dare us, educate us, and inspire us, but most importantly to speak to our hearts about why the work we do has meaning! We want our brethren to come away feeling renewed, invigorated, and inspired. We want our brethren to go home with new tools and insights to manifest their Will. We want our brethren to have seen a vision of what this Order can become. We want our Brethren to go home convinced that the Order is relevant, convinced that their contribution has an impact, convinced that the Order has purpose. We want our brethren to retire to their Valleys genuinely excited about that purpose.